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About images we've used

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Flower ['Alt' text]


We wish to thank the organisations and individuals who have allowed us to use their images on the CharityBags website free-of-charge.  They include the following :

Oxfam charity - logo

www.oxfam.org.uk   Reg charity no 202918

Our thanks to Oxfam.

For easy identification, we've renamed the Oxfam image files so they begin with 'oxfam' - eg 'oxfamlogo.gif'.

SCRAN logo


Scottish Cultural Resource Access Network (charity)
Our thanks to SCRAN, and to the organisations and individuals who kindly supplied the images to SCRAN - including James Gardiner and Saul Gardiner (Ikon Scotland), Oxford Designers and Illustrators, Chris Robson.

We've renamed their files so they begin with 'scran'.



Our thanks to FreeImages.

We've renamed their files so they begin with 'freeimages-co-uk'.

Logo: (c) FreeFoto.com


Our thanks to FreeFoto.com. Their photographs are copyright. *

We've renamed their files so they begin with 'freefoto-com'.

Logo of www.bigfoto.com


Milonic company logo


Our thanks to Milonic Solutions Ltd (suppliers of JavaScript menu software) for various images.

www.wikipedia.org - globe symbol



Our thanks to the Wikipedia Foundation and Wikipedia.

Our thanks to Wikimedia Commons - and the individuals and organisations who contributed the images.

Other images

With some of the copyright images (and text) we've used, we understand they can be used under "fair use" rules - without the need to seek permission from the owners.

Most of the other images on the site are free to use - or have been produced by us.

We may have inadvertently reproduced some images from copyright sources without permission (or omitted to credit the owner).  If so, please accept our apologies, and contact us so we can rectify matters.

We're not experts in copyright and can't afford professional advice.

Oxfam charity - logo
Oxfam logo
(reproduced with their blessing)

Please bear in mind that our purpose is to raise extra money for genuine charities - such as Oxfam, the Children's Society, Cancer Research UK, Age UK and the RSPCA.  We don't gain financially from the site - see the Aims and About us pages.

Use of logos

Where we've added logos of organisations to the site, they're used merely as visual cues - for ready identification where we mention the organisation or their website. There's a wealth of research showing that the use of such images greatly improves communication.

Our use of these logos is not intended to imply :

Our use of any logo (in effect) provides free publicity for the organisation, encouraging people to visit their site and/or use their products or services.

Respected organisations like Wikipedia frequently use logos in the way we do - for example see their pages on the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the Charity Commission, the OFT and the BBC.  We understand that Wikipedia consider this to be "fair use" - and they don't seek prior approval from the organisations concerned.

General points

Editing - We've made minor modifications to some images, in accordance with normal practice, such as :

Types of files - Most of the images on the site are modest in size and are compressed.  So the pages should load quickly.  Most of the image files here have jpg, gif or png file extensions.

Filenames - Out of courtesy to copyright owners, we've renamed some images by adding the name of the owner (eg Oxfam).  Also we've added a note to the "Alt" text of some images (see below) to indicate copyright/source.

"Alt" text - We've added "Alt" text (ie alternative text) to most images to help users - for example people browsing with text-only mode, and visually-impaired users.  It describes the image - acting as a caption.

You can see the "Alt" text in two ways :

"Title" text - We've added this to some images.  This appears when you pass your mouse over the image.  The text is shown in a popup "tooltip" box.  This works with almost all browsers.

"Alt" text and "title" text are embedded (hidden) in the HTML code of web pages - so you can't see them normally.

Captions - In the early days, we added captions to only a few images - partly because it complicated the web design and it took extra time (with the software we were using).  Instead we relied on :

Recently, we've been adding captions to more images.

Enlarging images - You can enlarge some images on the website - eg by hovering your mouse over them.  See the Web design page for details.

Flower ['Alt' text]

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