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Our thanks to all the organisations and individuals mentioned on this page.


Organisations and individuals who have provided us with information and advice - especially charities, central government, QUANGOs, local councils (mainly licensing, trading standards and legal departments), the police and the media.

The regulators who have taken action against bogus/unlicensed collectors - see the page on prosecutions of collectors.

The councils which have put their diaries of collection licences on their websites.

The commercial collectors who do comply with the law - such as Clothes Aid Ltd.

The websites which have kindly linked to our site

Alan Stanton, Keith Kondakor, Mike Durham, Neil R, Rachael, Harlan, Cath W, Emma, Paul T, Emma.


Organisations which have allowed us to use their copyright material on our website.

Please see also the Copyright page.

Please see the About images page for acknowledgements (and other information) in respect of images.

And ...

ER, V, Rosie, Carolyn, PP, MEL, PAC, Leo, ES, AJG-S, CPB, PCWW, ARS, MFO, TDW, DE, F Abela

Elspeth, P, F and C

T:  Lee, Karen, Sharon, Kieran, Judy, Blake, James, Taz, Phil, Kelly ...


Website hosting - Our thanks to LCN for generously hosting the website

LCN.com  tel: 01438 342 490

LCN.com    LCN.com     LCN.com     LCN.com     LCN.com     LCN.com     LCN.com

Names.co.uk logo     

Domain names - Our thanks to names.co.uk for giving us discounts on domain names (and for hosting us in the past)

names.co.uk    tel: 0845 363 3630

Milonic company logo

Milonic Solutions Limited   for the software powering the site's JavaScript DHTML drop-down menus

Diskeeper   defragmentation software for hard drives - from Condusive Technologies

Acer   computer products

Dennis   publishers of computer magazines

Our thanks to those software producers (large and small) who produce good-quality software - that's intuitive and bug-free (and makes our lives easier).

Our special thanks to the generous, public-spirited individuals and organisations that produce good-quality free software.

See the Software page for details.