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Clothing collections :
Intersecond Ltd,
Azzara (Lithuanian charity) and
'Do Not Delay!' (cancer project)

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Websites of Intersecond Ltd and related charities

Websites mentioning them

Google lists numerous pages referring to Intersecond Ltd, Azzara and "Do Not Delay!".  Some of the pages are by householders (in the UK and Republic of Ireland) commenting on local collections via blogs and forums.

See for example :


Intersecond Ltd is a commercial company (details below) which has been collecting clothes door-to-door in the UK since 2006 (or earlier).

Their leaflets/bags state that the collections are in aid of Azzara - a Lithuanian charity (Eastern Europe) - and specifically for a breast cancer screening project operating in Lithuania called "Do Not Delay!".

Intersecond Ltd - controversy

Intersecond's collections in the UK have been controversial for various reasons :

It's often pointed out that if you wish to help a good cause overseas, it's better (eg less risky) to donate to a UK-based charity which does this (such as Oxfam, Save the Children or Fara) - rather than to a charity based abroad.  This is because a UK-based charity is subject to UK laws and can be adequately scrutinised.

Applications by Intersecond Ltd for collection licences

Clearly the collections by Intersecond Ltd are in aid of a charitable purpose (cancer prevention etc).  Therefore the 'House to House Collections Act 1939' requires them to obtain a collection licence (in advance) from the licensing department of the local council in each area where they intend to collect.

Between 2006 and mid 2009, a number of collections by the company were unlicensed.

However, from mid 2009 onwards the company submitted numerous applications for licences.  Councils which received applications included :

Example 1

Refusal:  One council (near Bristol) refused the application in September 2009 - partly on the grounds that it didn't benefit local good causes.  Intersecond Ltd didn't make an appeal.

Example 2

Refusal:  By East Northamptonshire Council (ENC)   Intersecond's application was refused on 3 November 2009.  See :

The reason for refusal was the company would not specify what percentage of the profits would be given to the charity.

Example 3

Decision awaited:  The licensing department of council in SW England supplied the following information (October 2009) :

They've written back to Intersecond Ltd, requesting further information in writing before they will consider their application for a collection licence.

The information sought by the Council is mainly concerned with :

Without this information the Council are not able to consider the application any further.

General comments by CharityBags

% Proceeds:  One problem is that Intersecond Ltd have been quoting their donation to the charity as an absolute figure (we understand it's £5,000 per month as at October 2009).  However, this gives no indication of what proportion (ie percentage) this represents of the company's profits.

Revenue and costs:  Councils also need to know details of collection revenue and costs - before the profit figure is calculated by a collector (profit = revenue minus costs).

There have been cases of collectors (unconnected to Intersecond Ltd) who unscrupulously inflate their costs unreasonably (labour, materials etc), before then stating virtuously that (say) 80% of the net profits/proceeds go to the good cause.

Also, bear in mind that (as at 2009) the price per tonne for second-hand clothes is now over £800.  This is around 3 times the figure of four years ago.

More on Intersecond Ltd

Intersecond's website gives the following information (as at October 2009) :

Intersecond Ltd
Unit 12, Clipper Park,
Thurrock Park Way,
Tilbury, Essex, RM18 7HG
M: 07912269046
T/F:  01375 840291
Intersecond NI Ltd
Unit 6, Bridgeview Industrial Estate
Low Road, Meigh,
Newry, BT35 8SU,
N. Ireland
T/F: 0283 0849971 (UK)
T: 0863 268717 (Ireland)

The company Intersecond Ltd is registered in the UK.  Their Company number is 05713257.  You can check out their details via Companies House  

Note on Lithuania (Eastern Europe)

It's one of three small Baltic countries in Eastern Europe - namely Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  Lithuania is now a member of NATO.  It joined the European Union (EU) in 2004.  Population: 3.5 million.  See Wikipedia's entry on Lithuania.

Similar collections

For details of these, see the following page :

The Hand of Help Ltd and Kaunas charities (Lithuania)


Updates on Intersecond / 'Do Not Delay' . . .



Article in local newspaper.
Warnings about Intersecond Ltd / Do Not Delay - dated 3 April 2009.
Includes critical comments by Nottinghamshire Trading Standards and Cancer Research UK (charity)

Swindon Borough Council (a unitary authority, Wiltshire)


Warning by the Council about Intersecond Ltd - dated 21 October 2009

East Devon District Council (Sidmouth)

Council website :  www.eastdevon.gov.uk  

Agenda item report :  www.eastdevon.gov.uk/google/151209item6rpt.pdf  

Details of the report :

Decision of the Sub Committee on 15 December 2009 :  REFUSAL.

Reasons for refusal - grounds 1, 2 and 6 in the agenda report :


Below: "Do Not Delay!"clothing collection sticker delivered in the Republic of Ireland 2006.
Source: http://ocaoimh.ie/do-not-delay-how-to-spot-a-fake-charity-flyer/  
Our thanks to the author of the website.

'Do Not Delay!' collection sticker 2006