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Clothing collections :
Just Help Foundation

Charity Commission's registered charity no: 1118667.

This small charity was set up in early 2007 - to help poor people in Bangladesh (Asia).

It has addresses in (1) Dukinfield, Manchester, and (2) Plaistow, London E13 9LN.

See their registration details on the Charity Commission   website.

Until around 2012 their website was:  www.JustHelpFoundation.co.uk  
Most charities use an .org.uk or .org suffix.  This was '.co.uk'

As at August 2013 the charity has a new web address - it now ends in .org.uk : http://JustHelpFoundation.org.uk  

In October 2008, clothing collection leaflets from this charity were delivered house-to-house in the Midlands.  The A5-sized full-colour leaflet (see picture below) indicates they help poor children in the third world.  A plain black plastic sack accompanied each leaflet.

The local authority licensing department for the collection area says that no licence was applied for and the charity doesn't have a National Exemption Order.  So it seems the collection was illegal.

Just Help Foundation - charity clothing collection leaflet (flyer)