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Clothing collections :
Planet Aid, Humana, the Tvind Teachers Group (TG), Gaia, Green World Recycling

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BBC Radio 4 programme - 'Face the Facts'

"Planet Aid" clothes bank
Planet Aid clothes bank

Questionable 'charity' clothing collections were the subject of BBC Radio 4's 'Face the Facts' programme at lunchtime on Fri 22 August 2008.

The programme focused on four related, controversial organisations :

A transcript of the programme is on the BBC website, via the following link :

Part of the BBC investigation concerned Planet Aid, who'd placed their clothing collection containers in the car parks of a number of Asda supermarkets without permission.  The containers were removed by Planet Aid after Asda threatened them with legal action.

Planet Aid isn't a registered charity.

Google lists hundreds of items on Planet Aid / Humana / Tvind.

Humana Alert / Tvind Alert


This is a not-for-profit international website, run by volunteers (including investigative journalists).

The site alerts people to the controversial aspects of Planet Aid, Humana, the Tvind Teachers Group (TG) etc - including their clothing collections.  The content of the site is extraordinary and disturbing.

General points

There are several controversial organisations collecting second-hand clothes in the UK which have links to Planet Aid/Tvind, including :

Our advice is :


On Tvind and related organisations

- Wikipedia's page on Tvind

The Rick A. Ross Institute (RI) of New Jersey (USA).  "An Internet archive of information about cults, destructive cults, controversial groups and movements."  A non-profit public resource.


On Planet Aid

- describes the clothing collections operated by Planet Aid

- article headed: "Asda evicts recyclers that are not registered charities"
- on Planet Aid

- headed: "Second hand clothes:  We investigate the college which promises to give its students an education in International Development.  So why does it make them collect second hand clothes all day?"
- on Planet Aid (and CICD college and Tvind) - including four photographs.
Including unlicensed house-to-house collections by CICD in Birmingham.

- on Planet Aid / DAPP UK book recycling bins at the London School of Economics (LSE).
The university told the organisations to remove their recycling bins.

- on Planet Aid placing a recycling bank in a car park without permission (Devon)

On Gaia Movement / Green World Recycling [Ltd]

- headed: "Charity's recycling claims mislead public"
- on Green World Recycling

- headed: "Bogus charity clothes bank removed"
- on the removal (by Sutton Council, London) of an unauthorised clothing bank operated by Green World Recycling (GWR) - with photograph

Gaia Movement clothes dropbox - Woolwich, Greenwich, London 2010
'Gaia Movement' clothes dropbox
Greenwich, London

Headed "Fake charity scam dropbox".
On a "Gaia Movement" clothes bank in Woolwich, Greenwich (London).  Comments dated Dec 2010 to April 2011.
Includes a photograph.

'Gaia Movement' clothes recycling bin - Tesco - Weston-super-Mare
'Gaia Movement' clothes bin

- headed: "Appearance of bins in Weston [-super-Mare] leads to alert about charity".  Dated 9 Oct 2008.
- on a recycling bank operated by 'Gaia Movement'- in the car park of a Tesco store