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Registers of collection licences :
Exeter City Council (Devon)

Headings on this page :

  1. Links to the Lists of collection licences - 1997-2010 =12 files
  2. The Council
  3. Our comments on the Lists (the register of collection licences)

1. Links to the Lists of collection licences

2. Exeter City Council

Website: www.exeter.gov.uk  

Status of the Council at August 2010:  The Council is part of Devon's two-tier system.  The upper tier is Devon County Council (whose responsibilities include trading standards).

Exeter was due to become a unitary authority on 1 April 2011.  However, this reorganisation was blocked by the coalition Government in May 2010.

3. Our comments on the Lists
(the register of charitable collection licences)

The Lists were sent to us in early July 2010.
We're grateful to the Council's Licensing Department for supplying these documents.
We received them less than three hours after submitting our request!

The Lists are not on the Council's website.

They're word-processed files (Microsoft Word).

The 12 document names displayed above are the original filenames, as supplied.
With the Council's agreement, we've made two changes to the Lists :

We suggest you make allowances for the occasional minor errors (spelling etc) in the Lists - bear in mind that they're "informal" lists intended for internal use.  In other words, we assume the staff compiling them only expected them to be used within the Licensing Department.

With the Lists from 2004, ignore the date in their heading (it gives the current date - not the historical date).

They give the phone number of the Home Office (Whitehall) in their headings.  This is because they were responsible for "Home Office Exemption Orders".   (These are now known as "National Exemption Orders", and they're now the responsibility of the Cabinet Office.)

Structure of the collection Lists

Each entry line has four components:

Notes used in the collection Lists

Below are examples(they're in "quotes" below, with our comments in italics) :

The more recent Lists have more notes than the earlier ones.

Periods covered by the collection Lists

Of course, the Lists are only a summary of the position - akin to an index.
The Council will have detailed paperwork (and/or electronic records) for each licence application.

Which collections are for clothing (rather than for money)? :

Controversial clothing collectors in the Lists (with licences) include :

View of the Exe estuary from a balloon (courtesy of Wikimedia and Steverenouk)
View of the Exe estuary and Exmouth from a balloon - courtesy of Wikimedia and Steverenouk