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Consumer issues

Headings on this page :


The broader picture

Much of the CharityBags website focuses on a single issue - misleading and bogus charity clothing collections (see Our aims page).  However, to understand the problem (and to find solutions), it helps to see the issues in context - in other words, look at the broader picture.

So, on the website we've included a number of pages on related, but more-general topics - such as lawgovernmentregulationlicensingre-use and recyclingcharitiescharity shops :

There are many organisations which mention the problems of charity clothing collections on their websites - such as Citizens Advice consumer service  , the Charity Commission   and local councils.  However, all these organisations have a broad remit.  They don't look at collection issues in detail.  CharityBags is the only organisation dedicated to the issue.

Bogus clothing collections are often featured in the media (broadcast and print).  These are valuable in publicising the issues - but alas they're usually one-off efforts, without any co-ordination.

Scams and cons

A crucial general topic is scams.  Misleading and bogus charity clothing collections are a type of scam.  We readily accept that the issue is small compared to many scams, but it's still a matter for concern.  We've added a page to the website on Scams, cons etc - this deals with scams in general.

Most websites on scams have a section on 'charity' clothing collections - for example Citizens Advice consumer service   and www.SafeFromScams.co.uk  

Consumer issues

Scams in turn are one of many 'consumer issues'. We've produced an annotated list of links to useful sources of information on consumer issues - this forms the Useful links section at the bottom of this page.

The list of links below includes :

Consumer issues :
Related pages and Useful links