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Downloading and viewing documents in Microsoft Word format

Headings on this page :

  • Introduction
  • Downloading a Word document
  • Viewing a Word document


Some of the documents on the website are word-processed files stored in Microsoft's Word format.  Their filenames have a doc extension/ending - such as "charities.doc".

In case you're not familiar with how to deal with these, we give information below.

Downloading a Word document

This means copying the file (the 'target') :

Do it as follows :

(You can also use the method described above to download Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.)

Viewing a Word document

Click on the link to the file.

If you've got Microsoft Word on your computer - no problem.  Word will run automatically.

If you haven't got Microsoft Word, your word processor (eg Open Office) may still be able to handle the file.

If not, you can still view the file as follows :


  Walking floppy disk (animation) Walking floppy disk (animation) Walking floppy disk (animation)