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An Irish blog website
'exposing fake clothing collection charities'

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Address:  http://clothingcollection.org  

(Note:  There's no 'www' in the address, and it's 'collection' singular, not 'collections'.)

Note - Alas (as at November 2009) the website has disappeared.

Three-leaf clover (shamrock): courtesy of www.FourLeafClover.com

It was an unusual and stimulating site, down-to-earth, informal and refreshing.

The site was based in Dublin (in the Irish Republic).

Type of site (blog)

There were various 'posts' on the blog.  It was a collaborative/community website.  There were lots of comments from ordinary people.

The site used WordPress   software - a popular free (open-source) 'self-hosted blogging tool'.

Content of site

The heading on the site was :


The site gave details of clothing collections, including large, clear pictures of the leaflets and bags.

For each collection there were details such as :

Examples :

The details included research on who the collectors really are.

The site didn't seem to have any general information on the issues raised.

Clothing collectors featured

Collectors featured on the site's homepage (a total of 10 when we last looked) :

Collectors featured on other pages included :


Wording - The wording on some of the leaflets/bags was very unusual.  For example, some of the 'fake' leaflets cheekily warned you to be beware of bogus collectors.  Ironically this does give the leaflets more credibility.

Labels - With some of the collections, instead of delivering leaflets or bags, they provided self-adhesive printed labels, which the collectors suggested you stick on your bags.

Contributors to the website - There were useful comments - for example one person recounted how he reported an illegal collection to three regulators, but no action was taken.

There were also non-Irish contributors, eg from Scotland.

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Below: Clothing collection label distributed by www.clothingtheworld.com in Ireland
Image taken from the 'clothingcollection.org' website (with permission)

www.clothingtheworld.com - clothing collection label