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Articles on clothing collections which mention CharityBags.org.uk

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We've compiled this page by searching the Net.  It's a diverse collection of extracts from more than 75 articles, blogs, forums and the like which mention the CharityBags website.  The highlighting below has been added by us.

Our thanks to the people/organisations who produced the items below.

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Crowned portcullis (Crown Copyright, Wikipedia)

Parliament and MPs

Jo Swinson MP (photo from www.joeswinson.org.uk - our thanks)

Website of Jo Swinson MP

Parliamentary constituency: East Dunbartonshire (Scotland)


Web page devoted to bogus charitable clothing collections

Extract (from bottom of page) :


Clothes Aid  
Association of Charity Shops  
Charity Bags  
Charity Commission  
Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator  
The great charity collection scam  

House of Commons - Research Briefing Paper for MPs :
"Bogus charity clothing collections"

A Briefing Paper produced by the House of Commons Library (a 10-page PDF file).
Standard Note: SN/HA/4638.  Last updated: 17 November 2011.
Author: Catherine Fairbairn.   Section: Home Affairs Section [=HA]


Extracts (from pages 3 and 8) (our thanks) :

" 1  What is the problem?

. . .   However, constituents sometimes raise concerns about organisations which appear to be collecting clothing for a charitable cause but are not in fact registered charities.  Some people feel that they are being misled by advertising pamphlets, typically being distributed through letterboxes.

. . .

The Charity Bags    website includes further information about the problem.

. . .

8.2  October 2010  [debate]

". . . Charity Bags notes that only one in 10,000 illegal clothing collections in the UK is subject to enforcement action or prosecution by the local council."

Parliament - debate entitled "Bogus Charity Bag Collections"

Parliament - House of Commons - Westminster Hall Debate - 13 October 2010 - Hansard

http://services.parliament.uk/hansard/Commons/bydate/20101013/ westminsterhalldebates/part002.html  

Commons speech by Tracey Crouch (MP for Chatham and Aylesford, Kent) (Conservative)
- opening the debate.   Extract from paragraph 10 (our thanks) :

" . . . a charitable collection . . . but without a licence or an exemption doorstep collection is illegal.  Although it is feared that as much as 50% of house-to-house charity collection is bogus, Charity Bags notes that only one in 10,000 illegal clothing collections in the UK is subject to enforcement action or prosecution by the local council. "

Note: The sentence quoted above (beginning "Although it is feared...") is based on the wording on the following page:



Local government

Darlington Borough Council (NE England) - website

Darlington Borough Council logo (our thanks to the Council)

The Council's Licensing Department has added our CharityBags' checklist called
"How to tell if it's a genuine collection leaflet or bag" to their website.
They've called it "Charity Checklist".
They've published it as a PDF document (4 pages, downloadable) :

The original version of our checklist is on the following page :

Tewkesbury Borough Council (Gloucestershire, SW England) - website


Extract from this article (our thanks to the Council) :

"Featured News

2 October 2009

Crackdown on Illegal Collections

Unlicensed door-to-door collections are on the increase and  . . .

Tewkesbury Borough Council's Lead Member for Community Development Cllr Whelan said:  . . .

"There are lots of safe ways to donate to charity, including giving money directly or giving unwanted items to charity shops."

To find out more about the safe ways to donate to charity, visit www.charitybags.org.uk  

If you have doubts about an organisation that is dropping bags or leaflets through your letterbox, phone the Charity Commission help line on 0845 3000218. "

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) - website


Extract from this article (our thanks to the Council) :

"East Northamptonshire Council supports campaign to stop bogus charity collectors

Published on Monday 10th May 2010

" ... Don't be taken in - Give with Care."

To check if an organisation is licensed, visit www.northantslicensing.gov.uk   and click on Public Register.

To find out more about the Give with Care campaign as well as charities that are exempt from licensing, visit www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk   or www.charitybags.org.uk  

East Northamptonshire Council (ENC) - website


News article dated 23 May 2011, headed:
"Successful prosecution of unlicensed charity clothing collector" [=SOS Clothes Ltd]

Extract from this article (our thanks to the Council) :`

". . . To check if an organisation is licensed, visit www.northantslicensing.gov.uk   and click on Public Register.

To find out more about the Give with Care campaign as well as charities that are exempt from licensing, visit www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk   or www.charitybags.org.uk  

Runnymede Borough Council (Surrey) - website

www.runnymede.gov.uk/portal/site/runnymede/ menuitem.c7555b14034cb0e5fe138e11af8ca028/  

Page on licensing of charity house to house collections - final section :

"Where can I get further Information?






Waverley Borough Council (Surrey) - website


This page was produced by the Council's Licensing Department.
Copy as at April 2012 (our thanks to the Council) :

"House to house collections

Bogus house to house collections

Charity bags and flyers delivered from house to house can often give a misleading impression that items are being collected for charitable purposes when in fact they are delivered by commercial companies operating for profit.  Anyone with concerns that a collection might not be genuine can visit the Charity Commission website   to check that the organisation is a registered charity.

Anyone who suspects that bogus charitable collections are taking place in their area can contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.

Other useful websites:



London Borough of Bexley (South East London) - website


News article dated 17 May 2011 (our thanks to the Council) :

"Bogus charity clothes collectors

Bexley's Trading Standards Team are warning residents about bogus charity clothes collectors who are operating in South East London.

Trading Standards have seen an increase in calls from people who have been given misleading leaflets which suggest that the proceeds of a clothing collection will go to a charity or charitable causes, when in fact they benefit a private business or individual.

It has been found that some of the leaflets being distributed are exact replicas of those used by some large well-known charities. The main difference is that whilst the genuine charity leaflets are accompanied by a printed collection bag, the bogus leaflets are not.

This fraudulent activity is having a severe impact on genuine charities, with the Association of Charity Shops estimating that nationally between £2.5m and £3m is lost to charities, through theft and people mistakenly giving unwanted clothing to commercial companies in the belief that they are giving to a charity.

If you want to ensure that you are donating clothes to a genuine charity, or for further information explaining how to spot bogus collections, go to the Charity Bags website at www.charitybags.org.uk .

If you receive a leaflet, with the name of a well-known charity that is not accompanied by a printed bag, please report it by calling the Trading Standards Team on 07716 116 452.   [=a mobile phone number]

Selby District Council (North Yorkshire) - website

Page on licensing of house-to-house collections :


=a four-page Microsoft Word document (our thanks to the Council) :

"List of Approved Collections within Selby District

[table of collections]      . . .

For information on charities and collection companies visit http://www.charitybags.org.uk  


Local government websites - posted comments

Wandsworth Council (an Inner London Borough) - website


News article by Trading Standards dated 7 March 2011.
Headed: "Clothes collections don't benefit charities"

Comment (below the article) by Elaine Michel of Battersea.  Posted 8 March 2011.  She refers to misleading collections by Rutex Ltd and mentions the ASA's adjudication.  She gives a link to :



The police

Metropolitan Police - London

Metropolitan Police logo strip (our thanks to the Met)

Note:  The Met is the largest police force in the UK.  It's now the only police force in Britain that's responsible for licensing charitable collections.


This is a 1-page PDF document of February 2011.  It's a response by the Met's Territorial Policing Command to a 'Freedom of Information' (FoI) request regarding licences issued by the Met for charitable house-to-house clothing collections in 2010.
At the end of the document, it says :

". . .  For further information, please refer to the below Charities website :


Metropolitan Police:
Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) / Neighbourhood Watch

Newsletter/leaflet distributed to residents in a London suburb - 2010.
Extract (our thanks to the Police) :


We have been approached by a number of residents recently who have received plastic bags for charity collections of clothing, and were worried that they were being used by bogus charity collectors.  We would advise that if you receive a charity bag . . .  [etc]

For more information on this matter, visit www.charitybags.org.uk   

Nottinghamshire Alert (Nottinghamshire Police)


Warning (dated 16 August 2011) about a bogus air ambulance clothing collection.

It refers people to a page on the www.charitybags.org.uk website (the page on air ambulance collections by AASCIC).

East Bassetlaw Community (Nottinghamshire)
=Neighbourhood Watch site / Nottinghamshire Police


=An 'alert message' from a PCSO at Bulwell Police Station - dated 16 August 2011.
It includes a link to a web page on bogus air ambulance collectors (AASCIC) on the www.charitybags.org.uk   website.

West Midlands Police Neighbourhood Watch, Walsall

www.scanonline.org.uk/news.htm   at 4 July 2010 - Extract :


Bogus Charity Collection

Please be aware that bogus charity collectors are now posting plastic bags through front doors, mimicking the genuine charities.

You can find out more about charity collections, real and bogus, at www.CharityBags.org.uk 

Police Specials

www.policespecials.com forum logo (our thanks)


Forum discussion on potentially illegal "charity" collections

Post date: Jul 6 2009, 10:24pm - By "Headset 57"

Includes a link to the following CharityBags page (and a copy of the page's text) :




Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Fund (CALF) - website

CALF logo (our thanks to the charity)


There's a useful web page on their website headed :
"Fraud and theft related to house-to-house charity collections"
This has clickable links to two websites: the Charity Commission and CharityBags

At the foot of each page, there's the following panel :

Useful links




Television and radio

BBC logo (our thanks to the BBC and Wikipedia)

BBC News - Manchester - website


Article dated 15 February 2011 (our thanks to the BBC) :

"Trafford Council warns over charity clothes bags scam

A council has advised people against using doorstep charity collection bags and to donate unwanted clothes directly to charity shops.

Trafford Council in Greater Manchester issued the warning after reports of bogus charities issuing sacks and incidents of genuine bags being stolen.

It said criminal gangs had driven round streets in advance of legitimate collectors and taken sacks.

Campaign group Charitybags claimed clothes were often sold abroad.

Trafford Council also advised people that if they use the bags they should ensure there is a registered charity number printed on them and to check the number on the Charity Commission website.

'Collect stock'

The Charitybags website states that charity bag scams deprive legitimate charities of up to £10m a year and that stolen second-hand clothes were frequently sold in Eastern Europe or Africa.

Executive councillor John Reilly said: "People recycling their unwanted goods in aid of a good cause are doing the right thing and it is something we would really encourage.

"The best way to ensure that deserving causes get the most benefit is to follow a few simple steps to check things out, that way we can keep the profits from recycled goods out of the hands of conmen and fraudsters."

A Cancer Research UK spokesman said: "Cancer Research UK does not carry out any commercial partnerships to collect stock from people's homes.

"Anyone particularly concerned can also bring their donation directly to one of Cancer Research UK's 600 shops around the UK, where 100% of profits from selling donated items funds our life-saving work.

"Our shops are desperately short of stock, we need people to continue to donate good quality clothes and home ware to raise funds to help support our work to beat cancer."

Related Internet links

Trafford Council           Charity Commission  



Pile of newspapers

National newspapers

The Observer

Article dated Sunday 30 November 2008 (page 19 of the Cash section)


Extract (our thanks to the newspaper) :

"The tills are ringing in the charity shops ... for now
Shoppers are pouring through the doors in the hunt for festive bargains, but the supply of clothes and bric-a-brac is about to dry up, writes Peter Davy 

. . .   As a rule of thumb, volunteer-run website Charitybags.org.uk reckons that goods in charity shops sell at 15 per cent of their original price.  . . .

More importantly, the price for 'rag' - clothing the shops can't sell in the UK, but is still good enough for consumers in the developing world - has rocketed in recent . . .

Most clothing can be used: if it can't be sold in the UK, it can go elsewhere or be recycled into mattress stuffing, for instance.  Oxfam   . . . "

Daily Telegraph

telegraph.co.uk - letter 'T' logo (our thanks to the newspaper)

Article on their website by Judith Potts dated 24 August 2010 *


References to www.charityshops.org.uk   and  www.charitybags.org.uk   


National newspapers - posted comments

Daily Mirror - Penman & Sommerlad Investigate (PSI) - website


Article (dated 17 June 2011) headed: "Finally, action on charity bag theft?"
It mentions the NFIB, City of London Police and the NSPCC charity.

Below this article is a comment posted by AncientBritonPetros :

"Not before time.  I've blogged on this problem, most recently in April, drawing attention to the useful Charity Bags site http://www.charitybags.org.uk/index.htm 
Keep up the good work.

His website is: www.ancientbritonpetros.blogspot.com  


Local newspapers

Worcester News ("Midlands Newspaper of the Year")

'Worcester News' masthead (our thanks to the newspaper) 

Article dated 3 February 2010

Extract :

"Beware of bogus charity collectors

PEOPLE in Worcester are being warned to be on their guard after a bogus charity posted leaflets through doors asking for clothes donations.

. . .

For more information about guarding against bogus collections visit charitybags.org.uk

Worcester News

Article dated 28 July 2011


"Council 'has power' for bogus collections case

A VOLUNTARY organisation which helps prosecute suspected bogus charity collectors has slammed Worcestershire trading standards for not taking tougher action against those operating in the county.

As we previously reported  , a company using the name Air Ambulance Service has been asking for unwanted clothing and other goods to be left at the roadside.

Two Lithuanian men were arrested in Kempsey, near Worcester, on suspicion of fraud and theft but were later released without charge.

Chris Slack, from Charitybags.org.uk  , said local authorities had "ample powers" to prosecute collectors under the House to House Collections Act.  Mr Slack said the 1939 Act says it is an offence for companies to carry out house-to-house collections without a licence from the local authority if they imply they are raising money for good causes.

The bags distributed in Worcestershire by Air Ambulance Service said the company is "working towards providing financial assistance to reduce the costs of air ambulance transportation".

Earlier this week, three people were arrested in Huddersfield under the Act after claiming to raise funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Mr Slack said: "Worcestershire Regulatory Services have ample powers to prosecute."

There are some local authorities out there who are really clamping down on this.

"Any authority should be able to put a case against Air Ambulance Service armed with the 1939 House to House Collections Act."

Steve Jorden, head of Worcestershire Regulatory Services, said the officer who worked on the case was aware of the Act and took the decision not to prosecute.  Mr Jorden said: "From our point of view it wasn't a clear breach.

"We wouldn't want to waste taxpayers' money on a court case where we weren't going to win.

"We will look at any complaints and if the evidence stacks up, we will take it forward.  The evidence didn't stack up in this case.  The information stated it was a commercial company.

"In our view, the wording was suitably vague."

[Our thanks to the newspaper and Newsquest Media Group/Gannett]


  • The scam collection company referred to above ("Air Ambulance Service" =AAS) was closed down by the government in the High Court (London) on 2nd November 2011.
  • The same collection company (AAS) was successfully prosecuted by West Berkshire and Wokingham Trading Standards on 2 December 2011 (9 offences) - using the Consumer Protection Regulations (CPRs).  See the List of prosecutions page for details.

Eastleigh News (Hampshire) - website`


Article dated 19 November 2010.  Headed: "Charity Bag Warning"

". . . A website with advice on charity bag collections is: www.charitybags.org.uk  

Eastleigh News (Hampshire) - website


Article dated 22 June 2012.  Headed: "Mayor says 'If you don't wear it, recycle it' "
Press release by Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC)

Posted comment below article :

"Eastleigh residents will be well used to charity bag collections -- some of which are not as charitable as they seem …
Textile salvage is big business and there are companies who keep the lion share of profits but claim charitable status by making donations.

You can always check out if the company is licensed for street collections by ringing Eastleigh Borough Council’s licensing team on 023 80833002.

http://www.charitybags.org.uk/   also have an online database of bona fide textile collectors.

This is Gloucestershire - website


Article dated 28 May 2010.  Headed: "Conmen Alert"

"RESIDENTS are being warned about conmen.

Tewkesbury Borough Council is urging residents in areas including Brockworth, Hucclecote, Churchdown and Longford, to remain vigilant against commercial companies collecting donated items to sell for a profit.

Visit www.charitybags .org.uk to find out more about the safe ways to donate to charity.

Chronicle News (Newcastle, NE England) - website


Article dated 14 March 2012, headed: "North East charities hit by doorstep bag thieves"
Extract (our thanks to the newspaper) :

"... A website at www.charitybags.org.uk   advises people making donations of ways to be vigilant and to limit the opportunity for bags to be stolen.


Local newspapers - posted comments

Telegraph and Argos ('T&A' - Bradford, West Yorkshire)


Dated 15 June 2011, this is an article on bogus air ambulance clothing collections.

Below the article is a posted comment - referring readers to the air ambulance pages at www.charitybags.org.uk  

Daily Gazette - Clacton, Frinton and Walton (Essex)


Article dated 7 June 2011.  Headed: "Crooks strike against charity ... again"

In the comments below the article, three of the postings refer to CharityBags - eg  :

"A neighbour has already phoned the paper.  Go to "Charitybags.org.uk" it names them on there.  Making money out of the Air ambulance "Scumbags!"

"www.charitybags.org.uk ... This is even worse Bwanna...
[see] Monitoring and enforcement
At present, fewer than 1 in 10,000 unlicensed (illegal) "charitable" collections is subject to any enforcement action."



Third Sector - website

'Third Sector' logo (our thanks to the publisher)


Article dated 11 October 2011.  Headed: "Analysis: High stakes in the battle of the bags"

Near the bottom of the article, there's a section with four statistics, headed:
"Rags to riches: clothing collection in numbers".  Extract (our thanks to the publishers) :

"One in 10,000 - estimated proportion of bogus bag collections that result in prosecution by local councils"

This information was taken from the CharityBags website (the page on enforcement).


Community websites

Headington, Oxford (community website)

Page entitled "charity"clothes collections.


The page includes links to four sources of information :

  • CharityBags, Consumer Direct, Rip-off Britain and Clothes Aid

Also see our page: www.headington.org.uk and their page on "charity" clothes collections

Hither Green Website (South East London)

"The Original Hither Green Website - Hither Green Lewisham London SE13, SE12 and SE6 community forum" [phpBB]


Topic: "The Hand of Help "charity" collection bags".  Dated 6 April 2011+.

"by Yorkshireman - Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:49am

I'm always justifiably wary of collection bags being stuffed through the door that aren't direct from a recognised charity, and this one - delivered this morning - is no exception:

The Guardian:  Don't extend a Hand of Help to this collection -

Charitybags:  http://www.charitybags.org.uk/clothing_collections/clothing-collections-the-hand-of-help-ltd-and-kaunas-disabled.shtml   

Burnham Bucks community website (South Buckinghamshire)*


Community News Bulletin from Burnham Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) :

www.burnhambucks.co.uk/nhw100428.htm   - Extract :

"Apr 28, 2010 ... You can get the full low-down on charity bags, including information on who are the scammers on the website www.charitybags.org.uk which is ...

Marple Website/Community Forum
(Marple, Cheshire, near Manchester, NW England)

marple-uk.com - Marple Website logo (our thanks)


This page is headed:  "Clothing charity : SOS Clothes Limited. Scam?"
There are posted comments/messages (including a warning by Stockport Council's Licensing Department).  At the bottom there's the following note :

"admin:  Here's a really good site with lots of advice about charity bags, scams and the best ways to give your unwanted items to charities:  http://www.charitybags.org.uk/

Note (by CharityBags) - The Marple website has real character - it's well worth a visit.
For example, see www.marple-uk.com/railways/index.htm  

Faringdon-online community website (Faringdon, Oxfordshire)*

www.faringdon.org/nvtpfeb2010.htm   Talking points - Feb 2010 - Extract :

Clothing collections - 11/02/2010

"A 'hoody' has just delivered a plastic bag in Jespers Hill on which it is claimed that the collecting company, namely Intersecond, donates £5000 every month to a Lithuanian breast cancer project.  Those thinking of leaving out unwanted clothes in these bags might be wise to look at http://www.charitybags.org.uk/clothing_collections/ clothing_collections_intersecond_azzara_do_not_delay.shtml  .  This makes interesting reading.  General advice on the internet seems to be 'if you've got clothing to give away, take it to a local charity shop'.


Trinity Mead Residents' Association (Stratford, Warwickshire) *


19 May 2010 -  Concerns regarding a "Pink Ribbon" charitable clothes collection

The page links to :

St Margarets Community website (Middlesex, SW London)


"Beware Bogus 'Charities' and Third World Appeals"
=Article dated November 2006

There are around 100 posted comments below the article - from Feb 2007 to now.  Most of them are well-written and meaty.  Two refer to CharityBags :

"Victor thanks for the information.

More information on companies/organisations/charities who make collections on the "Charity Bags" website: http://www.charitybags.org.uk/index.htm  

There is a lot of detailed information, including particular named companies, the law and rules for door-to-door collecting, as well as an outline of a 2003 report on this subject from the Charity Commission - Victor

Maddie at 24 June 2010 7:05 AM

"Bogus charity Valewall Ltd collecting this Wednesday.  Here's a handy site listing charities bogus and otherwise so you can check whether legitimate or not. http://www.charitybags.org.uk/clothing_collectors_list.shtml  

Maddie at 24 January 2011 8:56 PM

South Stoke Parish Council (Oxfordshire)

Website - www.southstoke.org.uk  

South Stoke Newsletter - Issue 63: March 2011 :

www.southstoke.org.uk/docs_newsletters/view.php?file=1103 March.pdf  

On page 9 of the newsletter, there's an article headed "Charity Clothing Bags".
It quotes statistics from the CharityBags site :

"Charity Clothing Bags

We get charity bags left in the post box requesting unwanted clothing for recycling.  A quick look on the Internet strongly suggests it is an outright scam or, at best, poor value for the charities.
Www.charitybags.org.uk suggest that the best destination for clothes is direct to the charity shop where a 1kg dress would deliver about £1.50 to the charity after expenses.  Taking your old clothes to the recycling centre will mean they are re-used or go to a charity shop.
Some house to house collections do go to charity shops but they are rare.  Most are Royalty collections where a guaranteed figure is given to the charity, often £30—£70 per tonne.  That may sound OK but your 1kg dress would be worth 3 - 7p to the charity.  And then there are those collections that are just commercial operations with no guarantee of any benefit going to a charity."

[Our thanks to the authors and the website]

Finham Residents Association (FRA) (Finham, Coventry, W Midlands)


Article by Administrator, dated 30 July 2011.
Headed: "Bogus Air Ambulance Collection Bags"

"Leaflets are being delivered through doors appealing for a clothing collection.  A call to Northampton and Warwickshire Ambulance [WNAA] revealed they already had the leaflet and had already taken it up with Trading Standards and advise people to beware of the leaflet.  This is a well known company, not collecting on behalf of local air ambulance.  Read more on the charitybags website here  

Wendover News (Buckinghamshire)


Letter to the Editor, dated June 2012.
Headed: "Charity Bags"

"I am not sure about other streets in Wendover, but mine keeps getting charity bags through the letterbox for clothes collections.  The logos on the bags make each look like it belongs to [a] well known UK cancer charity but these are actually for charities which are registered elsewhere.  These organisations give a fixed amount to a charity per month and as they are registered abroad, do not share their accounts and how much profits they make.  As you may be aware, in the press recently, there have been reports on these foreign companies having tonnes of material which is worth a lot of money.  I would hate for the residents of Wendover to be duped into giving to these "charities" thinking it is 100% going to a worthy cause.  I have reported this to advertising standards online (as the logos are misleading).  Does anyone have any ideas how we can make sure these donations go to fully regulated UK charities?
See links below for some newspaper investigation into this matter.

[Our thanks to Wendover News and the author of the letter]



City & Guilds (The City and Guilds of London Institute)

City & Guilds logo (our thanks)


"City & Guilds is the UK's leading awarding body, offering more than 500 qualifications across 28 industry sectors, through 8,500 approved learning providers."

City & Guilds asked us for permission to use text from the CharityBags website in their online tutor and learner site: www.smartscreen.co.uk    We readily agreed to their request.

The text will be used in a series of activities being developed to help learners undertaking the Functional Skills qualification in English.  This involves the learner reading a series of web extracts and using the texts to gather information.

They kindly offered to include an acknowledgement and the web address with every extract that appears on their site.

Farnham United Reformed Church (Surrey)


Article in Church magazine no 344, dated June/July 2012 (page 22).
Headed: "Recycling – taking it further".  Extract (our thanks to the church/author) :

". . .
Charity shops
are an excellent way of recycling clothes, linen and other items that you no longer require, especially if you buy things there as well as donating them.
The best way of donating, because it raises most for your chosen cause, is to take your donation directly to the shop (though check with them first for large items or collections) during opening hours.
If this isn't possible, re-use and recycling bins can be found in places such as car parks.
Finally, there are the charity bags which we all receive through the door on a regular basis; however, there have been cases where this method is used fraudulently by non-charitable organisations, so be careful – if you have internet access, check on www.charitybags.org.uk  , or just restrict your giving to charities you are familiar with."

Bexley Churches Housing Association (BECHA) (=SE London)


July 2011 newsletter.  This includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

Dancing Giraffe CIC - for disabled people in Essex


=Article dated 13 Jan 2012:
Headed: "Charity: The real value of charity shops".  Final part of the article :

"Sources :
CharityBags are an informal not-for-profit group with an interest in research, information and campaigning on charity issues (www.charitybags.org.uk  )
• The Charity Retail Association is a UK body that represents the interests of charity retailers (www.charityretail.org.uk  )


http://delicious.com/emread/charity    "emsquared's charity Bookmarks" 4 Sept 2009 :

www.charitybags.org.uk    - information on misleading charity clothing collections, and how to deal with them

Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers

September 2009


Q:  How do I get involved with a charity?
I haven't done this before and I'm trying to get involved with a charity (e.g. fundraising) but it's more difficult than I thought.  I contacted some charities per email etc. but no answer or sometimes they reply but nothing happens.  What can I do to get involved?  - Faith P

Answer 4 (by bouncer bobtail) :

Join the charity and you will get more information. They will have magazines, enquiry lines, local meetings etc.

Also you could walk down your nearest high street and pop into one of the many charity shops. They all need help.



The AnswerBank


Questions & Answers - Charities

Q:  Are the people who leave plastic bags in our doors to collect old clothing etc to be trusted or do they rummage through them to see if there is any thing worth keeping.  I have [seen] that this does happen.  Has anybody else heard of this happening?  - by john1066 (04:13 03-Jul-2009)

Answer 3 of 17 (04:26 03-Jul-2009) by hc4361 :
Also, other people come round and collect the bags before the charities get there.  It is becoming a real problem, so if you want to donate to charity take your goods to a charity shop yourself.
This is one example.

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The page is dated Autumn 2011.  It has an intriguing question posed by the director of a recycling company who collects unwanted clothes house-to-house for charity.  He wanted to know about the rules for refusing an application for a licence on the grounds that the amount to be applied for charitable purposes was inadequate in proportion to the proceeds received (£110 per tonne of clothes).

A solicitor gives him answers.  He outlines the House to House Collections Act 1939, the 1947 Regulations and national Exemption Orders.

He refers the collector to :
in order to see the 1947 Regulations.

Some of the "expert" solicitor's answers are OK - but some crucial points are incorrect (although well-intended).  For example, he doesn't understand the economics of collections (revenue/costs/proceeds) - see his comments on the "11%" issue.  However, this dialogue between the collector and solicitor is fascinating.
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neatorama.com (US website)

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Article dated 23 May 2011.
Headed: "Clothing Donation Box: "Donating" Isn't Necessarily Charitable"
It deals with recycling containers - eg the Gaia controversy.  Comment posted after article :

"There's a similar problem in the UK with door to door charity bag clothing collections.  Check out charitybags.org.uk for some more information."


www.metaglossary.com/terms/scam/    at 3 October 2009 - Extract :

Definitions for "Scam"

A clever and dishonest plan or course of action (L)
[source] http://www.charitybags.org.uk/glossary_and_definitions.shtml


Blogs and forums linking to CharityBags

square d blog


Extract (our thanks to the author) :

"11 July 09

Don't bury your bras

Textiles have become the fastest-growing waste product in the
UK. About 74 per cent of the two million tonnes of clothes we
buy each year end up in landfills, rotting slowly (or not at all) in
a mass of polyester, viscose and acrylic blends.
Where is Steptoe when you need him?

. . . [descriptions of charity clothing collections] . . .

Charitybags campaigns for greater transparency in the field.

Their website is a trove of information.

  "We estimate that around £10 million income is lost by
   genuine charities each year because of misleading, bogus
   and poor-value "charitable" house-to-house collections of;
   clothing etc in the UK. Many of these collections are illegal."
   [quote from www.charitybags.org.uk]

You need a local authority licence to collect door to door
for charity, even just clothes and bric a brac.  Some charities (eg
Age Concern, Oxfam, Red Cross, RNLI etc.) have a national
exemption, but they are supposed to inform the local authority
when they are collecting in their area. Some may have a local   . . . "

wagglesmudge blog


At 2 October 2009 - Extract from blog (our thanks to the author) :

"It's for charity, mate.

There are about 7,000 charity shops in the UK (www.charitybags.org.uk). This is great news for me, as, with very few exceptions, I buy second-hand.  By and large the increase in the number of charity shops and the acceptability of buying 'nearly new' is a good thing for us all.

Done correctly, as an activity :
• it encourages the RE-USE OF MATERIAL GOODS;
• it raises funds for charity; and
• provides affordable clothing/things for those who need it.

At least these three things are true :
• I have more clothes now than I have ever had;
• I have nicer clothes now than I have ever had;
• I spend less on clothes now than I ever have.

Charity shopping is a bit like fishing, or beachcombing, mushrooming: the outcome is not guaranteed and it requires skill and perseverance - but it pays off.     . . . "

the best of Bristol (SW England) - blog


Dated 5 Feb 2010, headed: "Charity clothing collections in Bristol".
Below it are posted comments on Rutex Ltd, including a reference to CharityBags.org.uk.

Tonbridge blog (Kent)


Headed: "Any old rags for Latvian children: Charity clothing collections in Tonbridge..."

Comment posted on 28 April 2010 :

"Second-hand textiles were fetching £600-£800 pounds per tonne in 2008.
I think it is now £1,000 pounds a tonne.

See http://www.charitybags.org.uk/textile_recycling.shtml

www.bridalwave.tv - blog

"Bridalwave is the all-singing, all-dancing blog for brides and weddings.  . . ."

www.bridalwave.tv/2009/09/what_to_do_with_1.html    at 2 October 2009 - Extract :

"What to do with your wedding dress after the big day.

. . .    We suggest [below] a few ways to recycle a wedding or bridesmaid dress.   . . .

5. Pass it on     . . .

6. Recycle it for charity
There are many charities that recycle old clothes for charity, or send them away to third world countries.  Log onto www.charitybags.org.uk to find the best charity for you. "

Digital Spy - forums

"The UK's largest independent entertainment website"


Forum entries on 3 May 2010 :
- mentions of www.CharityBags.org.uk (clothing collectors A-Z list page)

Chesterfield Forum (Derbyshire)

Entry on 11 November 2009 - concerning collections on behalf of "Do Not Delay"


eBid - Forums

Note:  eBid is a competitor to eBay.


Posted 13 August 2009 - Extract from thread :

Useful information for charity donations

Just come across this web page, it has some very useful information regards giving items to charity shops and what the shop can expect to sell them for.


So if you are having a clearout for a charity store the page may help.


Thanks, Sarah.

Makes for interesting reading - especially about the house-to-house collections.  Thankfully, we don't have those round here.

Thanks for the info Sarah - a very useful guide.  Handy to know - we're always dropping odds off at charity shops.


PPRuNe  =The Professional Pilots Rumour Network - forum

www.pprune.org logo (our thanks)


vBulletin forum on UK air ambulance charities
- "Children's Air Ambulance" and "Air Ambulance Service" controversies

Posting dated 12 Dec 2011 :

"... - If you want a really comprehensive read on why people and organisations around the UK should be interested in anyone calling themselves the Air Ambulance Service, make your way over to this little gem of a site
(http://www.charitybags.org.uk/air_ambulance_service_clothing_collections_aas.shtml). You may need a fair amount of time to wade through it all.  Up to the reader to decide whether they and the Children's Air Ambo of old share any similarities.

Aria Forums


vBulletin.  Thread: 'Clothing collection...'  Started 10 July 2010.  Posting by 'michaelkenward' :

"I thought they were meant to be aiding the poor, yet they are spending so much on something that most of us just throw away.  I mean, how rich do they think we are, we don't throw away clothing that we just wore and go to buy new stuff.

This is a well known scam.  They are not aiding the poor.

Just throw "charity clothes scam" at Google and see what you get.

Here are just two to get you going :

CharityBags - www.charitybags.org.uk - information on misleading charity clothing collections, and how to deal with them (http://www.charitybags.org.uk/)

How charity clothes line Lithuanian pockets - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1569695/How-charity-clothes-line-Lithuanian-pockets.html)

You can safely bin, or put to better use, these bags not just without qualms, but in the knowledge that you have cost the scammers something. "

Menopause Matters Forum

Topic: Charity Bags.  Date: 10 Aug 2010+


Postings include :

"I have found this info http://www.charitybags.org.uk/charity_shops.shtml  Makes interesting reading - though I haven't read all of it!        - taz z

"Seems to be the week for charity bags - I have had 3 this week.
Actually read the small print on one that was being collected for CHAS, children's hospice and I was SHOCKED.  It asked only for good quality clothing and shoes and said that these would be sold abroad and CHAS would benefit to the tune of £60 per METRIC tonne.  I did the maths :

• A metric tonne is 1000kgs.
• A black bag filled with clothes is approx. 7-9 kgs.  Say 10kgs being generous.
• It will take 100 black bags for a metric tonne.  60p a bag for the charity.
• If you take a filled black bag of good quality clothes into a charity shop   (say 20 items), they will make a minimum of £60 PER BAG.

Somebody somewhere is making a LOT of money!  And it ain't the charity.
The moral of the story is always take your bags direct to the charity shop.  Even a bag of rags will net them a lot more money than 60p!



healthandsafetytips.co.uk - forums

www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=26645   phpbb forums

Includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

UK Business Forums


A thread on reselling old clothes.

An entry of 18 April 2012 includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

Hertford Online Forum


=A posting (dated 13 Sept 2011) criticising a local "Planet Aid UK" clothes collection bin.
The posting include links to :


Some more sites mentioning CharityBags.org.uk

flickr.com - Alan Stanton

Flickr logo (our thanks)


=Alan Stanton's Flickr site
- including excellent photos of clothing collection leaflets (with explanatory text)

The site mentions www.charitybags.org.uk  

See also our Alan Stanton on Flickr page.


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As at July 2012 :



Includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

Riccall Parish Council (North Yorkshire)`

Newsletter: Riccall Beacon - Summer/Autumn 2011.  PDF format file.


Page 11 has an article on charitable collections.

This includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

Leytonstone Residents Association (LARA) - London`


=Newsletter: LARA Voice - Issue 6, January 2012
Article on page 3, headed:
"Door clothes collections: Do you want £50 or £650 per tonne to go to charity?"

This includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

Eco-girl - blog`


There's an article on recycled furniture that's available in charity shops.
This includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

MoneySavingExpert.com forums (MSE - Martin Lewis)


Thread dated 22 Feb 2011, headed: "Stop charity bags being posted through my door"

This includes a reference to www.charitybags.org.uk

Councillor Christine Headley - website (Stroud, Gloucestershire)

She's a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Rodborough.


This page is dated 18 June 2010.  It's headed "Charity bags".

At the end, there are links to Stroud District Council's Licensing Department and to www.charitybags.org.uk

Manchester City Council

www.manchester.gov.uk > Recycling - what goes where > Computers and Laptops

Recycling: Computers and Laptops

Some charity shops take computers but not all - see
 www.charitybags.org.uk  website for more information.

Their link above goes to the second-hand computers section of our page on charity shops.

AcornDomains.co.uk - forum


On the use of ".org.uk" domain names.  Posting dated 24 June 2013.

"An interesting article here:

Derby Telegraph


"Hoax warning over doorstep 'charity' clothes bags".  Article dated 10 May 2013.

". . .    Tips on how to donate safely to charitable groups can be found at www.charitybags.org.uk.

Rag Baby website


Article: "Clutter Death 5 – Places to get rid of clutter: Easy ways to get rid of clutter"

Includes a link to  www.charitybags.org.uk 

Our Welwyn Hatfield [Hertfordshire] - website


Intelligent article (dated 24 May 2012) headed: "Bags of deceit"
- criticising 'charity' clothing collections by "Hand of Help UK" and "Azzara / Do Not Delay"
Includes references to www.charitybags.org.uk  with a quote.

Dr Clive Sealey - University of Worcester

Turning brass to muck? A small scale exploration of charities' use of charity bags collections Academic paper (dated 2 July 2013) by Dr Clive Sealey  - Lecturer, University of Worcester

An 18-page PDF document (with 10 references to www.CharityBags.org.uk)

Kelsall Village [near Chester, Cheshire] - website


Article headed: "Unlicensed clothing collections still confusing Kelsall residents"
- dated 1 Dec 2012

Includes a link to www.charitybags.org.uk  with a quote.

Quedegely News [community magazine, Gloucestershire]


Issue 204 - April 2013 (PDF file).
Article on page 12 - headed: "Something dodgy is in the air".
On 'charity' clothes collections.  Extract :

". . . An A-Z list of house-to-house clothing collectors can be found on the charitybags website and there is a huge amount of information on legitimate and bogus charities, including the Air Ambulance scams.



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