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Re-use and recycling

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The first benefit - revenue for charities

The second benefit - helping the environment

  • Why re-use is better than just recycling

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The first benefit - revenue for charities

Money (notes and coins) - courtesy of www.freeimages.co.uk

Secondhand goods sold by charity shops come from three sources :

  1. people taking goods direct to the charity shops
  2. people taking goods to those Re-use/recycling centres which include charity-owned containers for clothes etc (eg in some supermarket car parks)
  3. house-to-house collections by charities.

Whichever way they get to a shop, the goods raise valuable revenue for charities.

The second benefit - helping the environment

But we'd like to remind you that there is a second benefit from this - namely re-use and recycling.  You're helping to save the planet by conserving finite resources :

You're reducing pollution :

Why re-use is better than just recycling

Re-use of clothes, books, crockery etc as finished/manufactured goods is much, much more environmentally friendly than just recycling the goods as raw materials - for instance using local council refuse/recycling collections.

Pile of books (courtesy of Oxfam)

For example, look at what happens when you get rid of a typical book :

The big difference between these figures (of £1 and under 1p, ie over 100:1) gives you a rough idea of the environmental benefits of :

Links - quotes

www.rethinkrubbish.com   * Extract from Web User magazine's review of the site :

"... this site ... encourages you to reduce the amount of rubbish you dump and get into recycling. There's information and tips from local councils, retailers, celebrity patrons and the waste management industry   on how to recycle your rubbish, and a 'bank locator' to find your nearest recycling facility. You can find out how to get rid of rubbish at home or at work and change your shopping patterns to cut down the amount of waste."

www.recycledproducts.org.uk   Extract from their homepage :

" This is your guide to products available in the UK which contain recycled materials. The database provides the most comprehensive listing of recycled products available.    It is compiled and maintained by Waste Watch  , with support from Biffaward   and the [Yellow Pages] Directory Recycling Scheme   via the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme."

Re-use and recycling :
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