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Of course, IT isn't the focus of our website and campaign.  However, nowadays these activities involve IT at every stage - whether it's word-processing letters, dealing with emails, searching the Internet or designing the website.

Below is a list (table) of some of the programs we find useful.  (We mainly use Windows XP.)
Most of the programs are free or have a free version.
With some of the paid-for programs, they're free for personal/non-commercial use.

a) Our thanks to those commercial software producers (large and small) who produce good-quality paid-for software - that's intuitive and bug-free (and makes our lives easier).

b) Our special thanks to those commercial software producers who generously give away some of their products (free).

c) And (above all) our thanks to the generous, public-spirited people who only produce free software.

Many free programs are as good as paid-for software (or better).

Some of the programs which only have a free version, offer features which aren't available in any paid-for program (eg voidtools "Everything" and TreeComp).

Also, we're grateful to the publishers of British computer magazines.  They're an excellent source of information.  The free CDs and DVDs supplied with them are a great source of (1) freeware and (2) free copies of paid-for software.
Examples:  Computer Shopper   PC Pro   PC Advisor  

Items are included in the list below only because we like the products.
We don't accept advertisements, sponsored links etc


Product column:  Items in green are resources (eg websites) rather than specific programs.

Category column :

F and P columns :

Programs with both an F and a P :

"regex" below stands for "Regular Expressions" (a search "language").

Filtering and/or sorting the table below

You can look at the table below just as it is - browsing up and down the page as usual  
And you can search it as usual - for instance using Ctrl-F (then using the Enter or F3 keys).

However, this table uses table-filter software - so you can filter and/or sort entries.

Filtering:  At any stage, you can select (in other words, filter) the entries below.
This "collapses" the table temporarily - so it only lists the items (rows) which you want.
Do this as follows:

The heading(s) of the selected column(s) and the selected text are highlighted.
The filter isn't case-sensitive - so UPPER or lower case makes no difference.
Use two vertical-line characters (by the "Z" key) to indicate "or".  Example:  bloggs||smith
Other codes include:  {x =begins with x    }x =ends with x    !x =not x    [empty] =empty 
See http://tablefilter.free.fr/   for more of these codes (with examples).
At the top of the table, there's a counter that tells you the number of rows shown.

Also, you can search using Regular Expressions (=regex)   with this new version (v2.4).
Do this by putting "rgx:" at the start ("rgx" followed by a colon ":").
Example: "rgx:200[3-8]"  - this finds all items with years between 2003 and 2008


These filtering and sorting facilities allow you to interact with the table - so you can change it to suit your needs.  They make the table behave like a simple database or spreadsheet.

See our Web design page for more on table filtering facilities (JavaScript).
The software used on the table below is called "HTML Table Filter" (by Max Guglielmi).
For more help on using it (eg search syntax), see http://tablefilter.free.fr/  


Browsers:  The software works fine with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Safari.  It's fine with Opera too - except it only sorts one column at a time.

By the way, there's another nice JavaScript table utility called "TableTools"   (by Mingyi Liu).  A modified version is available as a free add-on for the Firefox browser.  When you're browsing with Firefox and see any table, you can call up the TableTools utility (with a right-click) and do powerful filtering and sorting (and more).

Sorting - examples :
Publisher Product Category Description
< <  click these headings to sort  > >
Aprelium   Abyss Web Server web Web server (including support for SSIs).  Allows web designers to preview their site without uploading F P
Elcomsoft   Advanced Registry Tracer =ART monitor Makes snapshots of the Windows Registry (eg before and after an event) and compares them   P
David Vest (Oxford)
Agent Ransack & FileLocator Pro FMS Non-indexed full-text searching (with regex) F P
Ashampoo   Ashampoo: various applic Eg Ashampoo Office, Burning Studio, Photo Commander, Snap, Uninstaller F P
AVG   AVG Anti-Virus Free security Security: Anti-virus program F P
Bare Metal Software  
BareGrep FMS Non-indexed file finding and full-text searching (with regex) F P
BitsDuJour.com   BitsDuJour =BDJ :resource Free and discounted give-aways of paid-for software each day F P
capturetext.com   Capture Text screen Screen capture - especially editable text
This product seems to be related to Grab Text  
Robert Vasicek
Cathy FMSI Disc cataloguer (indexer) - files and folders.  Tiny and portable F  
Mitja Perko   CDCheck data Data examination and recovery - for CDs, DVDs etc F P
CoffeeCup   CoffeeCup: various web Web design software: eg HTML editor, FTP, DHTML menus, Sitemapper, Flash F P
Gulf Coastal Software
Columnizer editor Manipulates (edits) column and row data.
(last-ever version: 5.38 - dated 2006)
Victor Sapojnikov
CopyText system System/screen utility - searches, marks, copies text, adjusts windows F  
Component Software   CSDiff FMcomp Compares two files - including MS Word F  
David Pye   Australia David Pye: various :utilities Utilities: Freeware eg Text Magician (utility) F  
StahlWorks   Vincent Stahl Depeche View FMS Instant mass text-searching of files (in RAM memory).  Realtime (as-you-type), with expand/collapse, syntax highlighting F P
SourceGear   DiffMerge FMcomp Compares folders and files F  
GPSoftware   Australia Directory Opus FM File manager (multi-pane, regex)   P
Condusiv Technologies   Diskeeper HD Defragments hard drives   P
voidtools   David Carpenter Australia Everything FMSI Locates files and folders by name instantly.  Quietly auto-indexes in the background.  Includes regex F  
FastStone   FastStone: various image Image utilities - eg viewing, capture F P
FileMaker Inc   FileMaker Pro database User-friendly relational database   P
DonationCoder.com   Find And Run Robot =FARR system Finds Start Menu programs, documents etc as you type - using live incremental search - and then launches your choice.  Hotkey, portable, regex F  
Firefox =FF
Firefox add-ons
web Internet browser
Various add-ons eg:
Developer Tools ChrisPederick.com  
Find All
TableTools2 (eg filtering, sorting)
Foxit Software   Foxit: various pdf Tools for PDF files - viewing, creating, editing F P
Freebyte.com   Freebyte: various
Freebyte website
:various Various:
Tree-structured PIM/editor/WP/DB
Statistics and pie-chart of used disk space (FM)
Guide to free software and resources
Fresh Devices   Fresh: various :utilities Utilities - eg Fresh Diagnose, Fresh Download, Fresh UI, Fresh View F  
Funduc   Mike Funduc Funduc: various :utilities Utilities - eg files, searching, Registry - including CountChars (screen text grabber) F P
giveawayoftheday.com   Giveaway of the Day =GAOTD :resource Free give-aways of paid-for software each day F  
Full Screen
screen Screen text highlighter - including wildcards
Window and screen utility
Max Guglielmi  
HTML Table Filter =TF web JavaScript utility for web pages.  Allows you to filter and/or sort rows in tables F  
Hyperionics   HyperSnap screen Screen capture (including scrolling and editable text)   P
Rosenlund Nielsen   IncludeHTML web HTML file pre-processor F  
IndexYourFiles.com   J Rafael Castro Index Your Files =IYF FMSI Locates files and folders by name, date and/or size instantly (indexed).  Includes viewers, full-text searching of found files.  Portable F  
InfoRapid   InfoRapid Search and Replace FMS Searching of file contents, text retrieval (non-indexed) F  
VGT Software   InsideCAT FMSI Disc cataloguer (indexer) - files and folders F P
Irfan Skiljan   IrfanView image Image viewer and editor F  
IsoBuster   IsoBuster data Data examination and recovery - for CDs, DVDs etc F P
Jan Goyvaerts
JGsoft: various eg
EditPad Pro
:various Various eg:
ASCII text editor - with folding
(expand/collapse) and regex
'Regular expressions' (regex) utility
Searches files - using regex (FMS)



321download.com/ LastFreeware   Last Freeware Versions =LFV :resource Software downloads website (eg Hilitext) F  
lists.thedatalist.com   David Stockbridge & Bill Barto List of Lists :resource Classified annotated lists of software programs and resources F  
Locate32   Locate32 FMSI Locates files and folders by name instantly (indexed, includes regex) F  
Macallan   Macallan Outlook Express Extraction web Recovers emails from corrupted Outlook Express .dbx files F  
Milonic   Milonic Menus web JavaScript drop-down menus (navigation) F P
MiTeC   Michal Mutl MiTeC: various :utilities Utilities - eg InfoDesk, MailView, MSI, WRR F  
Nico Cuppen  
Nico Cuppen: various :utilities Utilities - eg Photocopier Pro, Fax Machine F P
NirSoft   Nir Sofer NirSoft: various :utilities Over 100 free utilities - eg Folders Report, RegFromApp, RegScanner, Shortcuts Manager, SysExporter F  
Fookes Software   Switzerland NoteTab editor ASCII text editor F P
OpenOffice.org   Open Office =OOO applic Office suite - WP, spreadsheet etc (open source) F  
Paragon   Paragon: various HD Hard disk utilities - eg partitioning F P
prcview   Igor Nys Process Viewer system Detailed info about Windows processes F  
PSPad   PSPad editor ASCII text editor (freeware) F  
sourceforge.../regshot   Regshot monitor Compare Registry and files before/after (snapshots) F  
den4b   Denis Kozlov ReNamer FM Powerful file renaming tool (with regex) F  
rj-texted.se   Rickard Johansson RJ TextEd editor ASCII text editor F  
Ronen Tzur
Sandboxie =SB
Sandboxie add-ons
security Sandbox software (install and/or run any software without affecting your "real" drive) F
Nottingham (UK)
Serif: various applic Eg DrawPlus, PagePlus, PhotoPlus, WebPlus F P
RJL Software   Shortcut Key Explorer system Lists Windows shortcut keys (Ctrl-Alt-x) F  
Sowsoft: various :utilities Utilities - eg Instant File Name Search (=IFNS, indexed, FMSI) F P
TechSmith   SnagIt screen Screen capture (including scrolling and editable text)   P
Macro Systems   The Spreadsheet Assistant applic Excel spreadsheet add-on   P
LC IBros Solutions   SpyMe Tools monitor Monitors changes to the Registry and disks (snapshots, comparisons & real-time monitoring) F  
Sysinternals   now MS Sysint: various :utilities Utilities - eg for Windows, system, Registry F  
ZGSpro   TablePro database Simple generic flat-file database (CSV, TSV etc) F P
TeamViewer   TeamViewer comms Remote access and remote Desktop sharing F P
SkeSoft   TextCatch screen Screen capture - grabs editable text   P
TopStyle4   Stefan van As TopStyle web Editor for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)   P
Lennert Ploeger   Netherlands TreeComp FMcomp Compares/synchronises 2 directory trees F  
truecrypt.org   TrueCrypt security On-the-fly disk encryption (open source) F  
MustangPeak   UltraExplorer FM File manager (dual pane) F  
Jam Software   UltraSearch FMS Locates files and folders by name in seconds (non-indexed, uses NTFS Master File Table =MFT).  Portable F  
Legroom.net   Universal Extractor FMzip Decompresses/extracts files from most archive formats - including cab chm iso mht msi F  
VirtualBox security Virtualisation product (open source) F  
J. A. Associates   Virtual Drive Creator system Adds/removes virtual drive letters (SUBST) F P
RedTree   Wilbur
FMSIfull Instant full-text searching (indexed)
Instant full-text searching (indexed)
winmerge.org   WinMerge FMcomp Compares folders and files (open source) F  
WinZip   Corel, Canada WinZip FMzip File compression - zipping/unzipping, encrypting   P
WordFind words Word-finding utility (British) F P
WordWeb   WordWeb words English thesaurus and dictionary F P
Ipswitch   WS_FTP web FTP software (uploading/downloading files) F P
x-setup.net / XQDC  
X-Setup Pro system Tweaks Windows settings
(WUG became insolvent 2010, now freeware)
Tilman Hausherr   Xenu's Link Sleuth web Web link checker F  
ZABKAT   Xplorer2 FM File manager (dual-pane) F P
XRayz   XRayz: various :utilities Utilities - eg CPExt (Windows Explorer add-on =FM), ClipCache Pro F P
XYplorer   XYplorer =XY FM File manager (dual-pane, portable)   P
Zedtek   ZTree for Windows =ZTW FM File manager (inspired by XTree).  Includes 'showall' listings, saved snapshots (Alt-Z)   P
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