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Clothing collections :
'Treating Children with Cancer' charity (TCWC)

Note - This page was compiled and written in November 2011.

The charity

See the entry for the charity on the Charity Commission's website  

As at Nov 2011:
Reg charity no: 1132491.
Date registered: 5 Nov 2009.
Address: Unit 6, Enterprise Centre, Ray Street, Huddersfield HD1 6BL (West Yorkshire). 
Finances: Year to 30 Nov 2010: Income £16,250, spent £10,000.

The company

See Company Check    "Treating Children with Cancer" is also a limited company (with the same name), no. 06959129 (company limited by guarantee, without share capital, exempt from using 'Limited'), established 10 July 2009.
Category: TotalExemptionSmall.
Address: 'Unit 6' etc (as per the charity - see above).

See the company's abbreviated annual accounts to 30 Nov 2010  
This is a 5-page PDF file.

The charity's website


The charity has a Facebook page: Facebook.com/TCWCANCER  

Examples of websites of other children's cancer charities

Income - Their charitable house-to-house clothing collections

Below (A-Z) are details of some of the councils which have received applications from TCWC for collection licences (under the House to House Collections Act 1939) :

Birmingham City Council:  TCWC applied in Aug 2011.

Bolton Council (Lancs):  They granted TCWC a licence to 31 July 2011.

Derby City Council:  Licence issued 9 Nov 2011 for 1 year (5 Dec 2011 to 4 Dec 2012).

Dudley Council (West Midlands):  TCWC's application form was dated 1st July 2010.  Their form refers also to applications to Milton Keynes and Luton Councils. 
See 15 March 2011 documents (PDFs):
Agenda   Minute   Report   Application form (5 pages)  
Also see the Minutes   of the Council's Licensing Sub-committee dated 7 Feb 2012 (item 16) - a PDF document.

Leicester City Council:  Two licences issued: 18 Aug 2010 to 31 March 2011 and 12 Aug 2011 to 11 Aug 2012.

Luton Council (Beds):  They applied for a licence on 1 Nov 2011. 
They asked for a 1-year licence (5 Dec 2011 to 4 Dec 2012), collecting across all the borough.

Mansfield District Council (Notts):  They applied for a licence in Oct 2010 for 1 year (10 Nov 2010 to 9 Nov 2011).  Licence granted.

Milton Keynes Council (Bucks):  TCWC applied for a licence around Oct 2011.

NW Leics District Council   Licensed for collections in Nov and Dec 2011. 
Their form refers also to applications in Derby and Mansfield.

Stafford Borough Council:  Application by TCWC. 
They were granted a collection licence for 1 Nov 2010 to 31 Oct 2011 (for all the Borough).

Information printed on their collection bags

Below: Images of front and back of a TCWC bag delivered in Westhoughton, Bolton (Lancashire BL5) in November 2011 (our thanks to NR).
Collection licensing authority (1939 Act): Bolton Council  

'Treating Children with Cancer' (TCWC) - clothes collection bag (front) Nov 2011

'Treating Children with Cancer' (TCWC) - clothes collection bag (back) Nov 2011

Below: Text on the back of the bag :

"Treating Children with CANCER
Treating Children with Cancer is assisting research into
the nature, causes, diagnosis and prevention of cancer.
We also provide information and support to children and
their families who are affected.

To help us continue we urgently need
your unwanted household items!

Thanks for donating life

Registered Charity No. 1132491"

Expenditure - What do TCWC spend their income on?

As at Nov 2011, we understand that most of the money raised goes to Theodora Children's Trust   to fund "clown doctors" (comic actors) who visit (and entertain) sick children in hospitals.  Theodora are based at 40 Pentonville Road, Islington, North London N1 9HF.

"Supporting Children with Cancer"
(a related company)

As at Nov 2011:  This is a company - registered   at the same address as TCWC ('Unit 6' etc), reg co no 07577567, company limited by guarantee, use of 'Limited' exemption, incorporated 24 March 2011.

The address on the Certificate of Incorporation is: Flat 5, 15B Fountain Street, Morley, [Leeds] LS27 9AA.

This company isn't a registered charity and it doesn't appear to have a website.
Certificate of Incorporation (20-page PDF)   Co Appointments Report (RTF 4pp)  

Update:  The company was dissolved on 6 Nov 2012.


TCWC - fake bags

Article on Durham Police's website - dated 23 May 2012
Headed "Beware of fake charity bags" - on bags delivered in Consett (Derwentside), purporting to be from TCWC.