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Unrelated web pages

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This page should be read in conjunction with the section headed
"Subjects dealt with on the website" on the About us page.

In a few cases, pages on the CharityBags website aren't related to the main topics of the site (eg the page on telephone charges and the page on useful software).

We feel visitors to the website deserve an explanation for this.  These pages are on other subjects which we're involved with (as volunteers).  Having written these pages, we were keen to see them uploaded to a website.  We had two choices :

  1. We could start a new website for them - but this can be costly (you have to buy a domain name and website hosting) - and there were only a few pages involved. 
  2. We could add the pages to our existing website (CharityBags).  We could do this for free.   Many other volunteer-run, self-funded websites use this approach too.

We chose the second choice above.

We've tried to be careful with these unrelated (and fringe) web pages :

Unrelated pages - examples

Software - including a sortable A-Z table of software which we've found useful (mainly utilities, mostly free).

Problems with 0870, 0871, 0844 and 0845 telephone rates - and information on phone charges generally.

Date labelling of food and drink - A guide to the rules on Use by, Best before, Sell by, Display until etc.

Forced entry by the police for 'saving life or limb' - eg concern for welfare - a guide to the law (and practical considerations) including :
  PACE 1984 section 17(1)(e)
  case law - eg Syed v Director of Public Prosecutions 2010 (Syed v DPP)

Fringe pages

There are a few pages on our site which are on the fringe of the site's main subjects.  You can see them as having some relevance to the site (or not) - depending on your point of view and your interests.

These include :

The Plain English / plain language page - eg the Plain English Campaign (PEC)

The Style on the website page - on written English and presentation (CharityBags)

The Web design, HTML and CSS page
This includes details of web design used on the CharityBags website - eg the 'Table Filter' software and navigation tools - eg drop-down menus, links, the realtime sitemap, searching.