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www.Headington.org.uk :
"Charity" clothes collections page

www.headington.org.uk   is a local website dealing with the Headington area of Oxford.  The site has a wealth of information on the area - past and present.

Our particular interest in the site is a gem of a news page headed "Charity" clothes collections  

The page includes photographs of a dozen or so misleading clothing collection leaflets, together with various lists and web links.

The introduction on their page states :

"Commercial firms constantly bombard Headington with leaflets asking for donations of clothing for third-world countries.  They give a limited company number (linked below to their company details) that could easily be interpreted as a registered charity number; but in fact they sell these clothes to the poor for the sole purpose of making a profit for themselves."

xStatistics:There's a list of clothes collections entitled "Companies that have targeted Headington since December 2006".  At September 2008, the list had grown to 26 entries (an average of 15 per year).  Each entry gives the date of the collection and the name of the collector (and in some cases comments), for example :

" 26.    22 August 2008: "Unwanted Clothing Collection" ("Helping Arms") (blue plastic bag) "

There's also a list headed "Businesses giving the impression that they are charities" with 10 or so companies (such as Kraslava and Pajury's).  Each entry has a link to the website of UK Data Ltd at www.ukdata.com/creditreports   - giving details such as the company's registered address, dates and status.

Finally, there's a list headed "Firms calling themselves charities" - including 'Helping Arms' and 'Children's Welfare Foundation'.

Below:  Clothing collection leaflets from A & P Collection Ltd, The Children's Welfare Foundation and Olonex Ltd (our thanks to www.headington.org.uk) :

A & P clothes collection leaflet   Children's Welfare Foundation clothes leaflet   Olonex leaflet